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When choosing a gate automation system to protect your business, security should be a primary concern. Thankfully, SEA(UK) agree that it's import too, which is why we have developed our operators with a range of security features as standard.

Internal non-return hydraulic lock valves are featured on our hydraulic operators, providing a high-strength locking system.

If additional security is required, electro-mechanical or electro-magnetic locks can be added, providing the level of protection required for high-security sites. Bio-metric, finger print scanning and secure card systems can be added to provide the ultimate in access control security.

For more information on the security features that are available as standard or for details on additional security accessories that are available, please contact us or discuss the topic further with your local dedicated installer.

Ram Raid Protection
It should come as no suprise that large companies and high-security organisations such as the Ministry of Defence are among the list of SEA(UK) customers.

If your business is in need of protection against ram-raids or vehicle collisions, SEA(UK) has the perfect solution. The new Super Bull rising bollard has been designed to prevent ram-raids on your property. It is the ultimate in business security and protection. For more information, contact us or ask your nearest installer for more details.

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